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Carbon Craft

Today, I would like to announce that we have officially turned into CarbonCraft. We chose to follow this path so that we can add more game options that all of us enjoy. Again, all games here will be slightly RPG based because that is what we love! Are we missing something you’d like? If so, please, give us feedback on our discord so we can, hopefully, make it a reality. We just opened up ‘Carbon Survival’, which is a Towny/Mcmmo server with a few extra goodies packed into it. Finally, I’d like to thank everyone who beta tested PixelmonCarbon, and to let you know that we are still working on improving the project!

Hello Everyone and Welcome to the server, We are an Adventure / Survival Server that is trying to be something different which starts with a Anti-P2W Shop, you will never see anything in there to give you an advantage over another player.

Custom Plugins, Custom Terrain, Custom Quests, Custom Dungeons, Custom Spawns, Custom Drops, Safari Zone, 8 Gyms, Elite 4, Showdown Server, DinoIsland, EvTrainingIsland, (2) Unique Survival Maps Sync'd into an Adventure Map.

We do use a few custom mods so I would recommend using out Technic Pack Below.

Technic Pack: 

Technic Download

If you want to join our Discord use this Link Below

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